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From left to right: Tory Burch; Carolina Herrera, Armando Grillo; Brandon Maxwell, Filippo Fior.The sparkles of gemstones and crystals needn’t be kept for evening hours. Designers paired cocktail jewelry with everything from knits to day dresses to gowns this season. Dame Vivienne Westwood: the iconoclast, the rebel, the queen of punk, the activist. These are just some of the words used to describe the late and great designer. A shaper of the zeitgeist of a worshiper of youth culture is also true of the Dame because she not only gave us the iconic platform shoes and the boob corset, but she also gave us the pearl orb necklace. It first debuted in the ’80s, and for the next four decades this necklace has been loved by many from Gen X to Y and now, finally, Z. Type in #viviennewestwoodjewellry into your TikTok search, and you will understand the importance of it—26.5M views is no joke! Whilst over on Instagram, you can catch more love for her pearl necklace.

God First Family Second Then K-State Wildcats Basketball shirt

A little background on the humble orb and pearl combo: Legend has it the original inspiration came from a time when Westwood took a hiatus from her store in London after the final breakup with Malcolm McLaren and she spent some time in Italy. She was working on a royalty theme collection where she imagined what prince (now King) Charles might wear in his spare time, along with all the insignia of Britain à la the orb and the crown. As well as the royals, she was also inspired by astronomy magazines with photos of the galaxy and the planet Saturn and its ring system. So, to funk it up, Westwood added the satellite ring to the orb. It was sent out into the world in the 1987 fall show and has seen many revivals since then.

God First Family Second Then K-State Wildcats Basketball s Hoodie

Janelle Monae, Dua Lipa, Irina Shayk (Photos: Getty Images)Why and exactly how does a 40-year-old piece of fashion jewelry manage to keep its spirit going for so long? We have the supermodel and Gen Z superstar influencer Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and company to thank for this comeback. This obsession with the Vivienne Westwood orb pearl necklace started towards the end of 2021 and has been reported heavily in those months. However, with the passing of Westwood in December, the resurgence of all things Westwood related is back and stronger than ever. Whether it’s a new buy, a thrift buy, or an inspired buy, long live the orb, we say! —Dora Fung, contributing editor A few weekends ago, we saw the fashion crowd at the Pyramids for Dior Men’s show. Whilst we all swooned over the boys and their fashion, we also noticed the bling that was sparkling on everyone from jewelry icon Lewis Hamilton to Dior’s designer Kim Jones. Inspired by the necklaces we saw, we noticed that TikTok, the men of Instagram, and Justin Bieber’s fun pearls validated our findings. Our boy Timothée Chalamet has also been sporting not only some great looks on the red carpet recently, but his jewelry of choice has also been pretty on point.

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